Connection, Clarity, Communication. Be inspired, eliminate pain plus gain strategies for handling your relationships with others and life with renewed passion, minus the fights and the pain. Be empowered and know your own unique mind. Nothing worth doing is done so without hard work, commitment and a willingness to create the capacity for change.

Happy, fulfilled people know that in order to keep their relationships thriving, passionate and connected, continuous growth is required.

Susan Faber integrates the multiple modalities she has studied for over 20 years to create a custom session for you. She is continuously improving her skills as her commitment to your health and well being.


Contact Susan Faber today to book your customized session, unique to you.; 1-403-850-9560

Accelerated Evolution Coaching Packages

3 Coaching Packages include:

Life and Relationship Reboot on Zoom

  • This is an ongoing live series that addresses your dynamics. You can start at any time.
  • Questions will be uncovered in a way that inspires and uplifts.
  • This is your chance to interact anonymously with others who are committed to:
    • deep communication, passion, presence
    • to understand self and others on a whole new level.

The Ultimate Connection: One-on-One

  • Creating Affinity/Reality/Communication?
  • Where/how do you sabotage?
  • What are you denying that keeps you stuck?
  • What problems come up that get in the way of relationship, work and play.
  • The future. The Next Step.

Committed to Self Full On

  • Passion and Fulfillment in Your Life, one-on-one sessions, for those who want to go full on!

ASTROLOGY – Basic and Advanced

Astro Mind Map –
By mapping out your unique mind based on the planets that were in the sky, the day you were born, some of what you may discover is:
How to gain clarity by creating a clear visual of areas you struggle with in your mind and/or life.
Unknown or hidden areas are revealed.
How you take action and what stops you from taking action
What, how and who you attract into your life
What is required for you to feel nurtured
What is your dominate trait
The areas that hinder you in life and overwhelm you
What does leadership look like for you
Areas that will help you grow and become fulfilled in life
How to reach your purpose and leave behind the old ways
What areas are delusional vs your dreams
How to solve the chatter in your head that holds you back
How to improve relationships, both personal and business
What your emotional needs are
How do you shine day to day with your potential – or if you are not seen, why?
Improve your communication issues related to people, technology, environment, yourself or any other ways of communicating.
… And anything else you want to know as this is Your Personal Blue Print!


Susan Faber specializes in Lymphatic Drainage. She acquired her training with Dr. Bruno Chikly. With her gentle hands on technique, she activates, cleanses and assists your lymphatic system to improve dramatically. Clients notice more energy, pain release and an overall sense of well being.


“CST” is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system – comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. The emotional component is Somato Emotional Release or “SER”


Women tell me all the time they want flexible evenings where we work on whatever is coming up for them. This is a place where there is no judgment and women feel they can discuss with this group areas of their life they cannot elsewhere.


Be seen, Be heard, Be Inspired; Based on the work of Rachael Jayne Groover


P – practical solutions to all types of pain
A – awareness
I – innovative approach to bring out your “gifts”
N – nurture your body, mind and spirit
F – fulfillment
R – reconnect to self
E – empathy
E – empower