What is Lymphatic Drainage

I have been working with Dr. Bruno Chikly’s method for approx 20 years.  He will be here again this summer 2019 and I will be taking the advanced class Brain 4.  He will also be doing a symposium and Heart Centered Therapy of which I will be attending.  I am always so excited to learn more from this amazing Doctor.  I absolutely love working on the complexity of the brain.  So much can be helped with such gentle work.  Concussions, migraines, back pain etc.  What people do not understand is that this cannot be done in one session.  It is a process based on your specific needs.  Maintenance is always a benefit.  I personally get work done all the time on myself.  I know I am a work in progress lol!   The people who are more regular whether it be weekly, monthly, every six months – all tell me about profound changes.  This is what keeps me learning.  I love when client’s lives change for the better.