“I feel more alive and understand more fully who I am – not only as a human in this physical body but also in a spiritual, oneness sense. Above all I am having lots of fun and ahas in the process.”

Wendy LaPainis, Olds

“Susan helped me go thru a difficult situation dealing with my good friend being manipulative and threatening. I really felt a switch in my energy and made me more aware of coming from my deepest essence is allowing me to be more calm, more peaceful in coping with manipulative people. I realise now that I have always traded love against fear of being abandoned…It was a big deal for me to uncover the polarity and regain control over what love really is, that is unconditional and no judgment. The process was awesome, I feel great release and FREEDOM from the manipulation! Thank you Susan !”

Marie France, Quebec

“OK Susan I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!! I have never felt this good in my life!! I actually slept last night, I am pulsing with energy today. I am wearing a smile…hell I AM A SMILE! I think this BodyTalk stuff ought to be banned. No one deserves to feel this good. Thanks for a new lease on life.”


“In three sessions, I experienced memories that I didn’t even know I had and showed me insights into parts of my life that I had totally forgotten. When I remembered them it was totally pertinent in how I have conducted my life leaving me with illuminations on how I do things and why I react in certain ways. The process allowed me to face things and come up with solutions. I found the whole process made it possible to start a new way of thinking in how I behave and what I do in my life and gave me tools to be able to succeed in the problems I have to solve. I find it very rewarding to be able to solve my problems so quickly and in such a wonderful way with mind clearing.”

Gwen Hughes, Professional Artist, California

“If we had not done this work with Susan before we were married, we would never have been married. She has also helped us through those times when we couldn’t see what the problem was. We are continuously working on deepening our marriage and relationship. Susan Faber has been invaluable in helping us when we were at a standstill in order to move forward in joy, passion and depth. Thank you Susan.”

Happy Couple in Calgary, AB

“Words can never say the feelings I have. I have learned so much and I am always excited to learn more. You have allowed me to grow as I needed to. You have brought light and love into my space. Thank you so much for all you have shown me and for just being you.”

Cochrane, AB


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