Enlightenment is a very deep topic.  In my opinion, unless you experience this you do not know it.  It cannot be experienced via the mind.  When I or others talk about it, it seems like a riddle to some.  Many have tried to write about it, but the words are not it.  The crazy thing is that we keep trying to discover self when it is already present.  When I am able to help others experience this it is always the same.  They reply, “I am me and I am you” or “I am everything and nothing”.  They exude an essence of self that is undeniable to me – and yet that is not it – this is the only way I can describe this at this present time. lol.

If you truly are seeking self and are looking for an experience of self, there are many ways to do this  I love Zivorad Mihajlovic’s book Return to Oneness as every page I find myself contemplating deeper.  His work has opened me up to choice and possibilities.  I learned much of this through Satyen Raja and Vladimir Stojakovic who have taught me many processes and practices.  I use these on myself and clients daily as this is the quickest and most effective way I know in order to heal on so many levels.  I know who I am.  That is my first step to self discovery.

If you ever want to join me in this journey, I welcome you.  It is a homecoming that is well worth the effort.  All you need to start is be willing.