Astrology is NOT a horoscope.  It is based on thousands of years of study of people, culture and generations.  It goes back to ancient times using mathematical equations and science.  Astronomy originally used Astrology as a foundation until they discovered more advanced telescopes.  Due to technology, Astrology was then classified as a pseudo science.

An Astrologyy chart, it is a guideline to a person’s life to grow and move towards your most fulfilling purpose.  It is a way to understand yourself better and truly live your best life.  It points you in the right direction, especially when feeling lost.

Your natal/birth chart is not stagnant.  You can learn and grow using this valuable information.  I can chart out how your Mind works using a system I have created called Astro Mind Chat.  When you are clear on how you think, we can do processes and practices in order to help you think, manifest and create more effectively.

There is nothing wrong, right, good or bad.  It is all perfect.  For instance, if you need to take more responsibility in your life, perhaps we need to look at your Saturn.  If you need to take action or filter your thoughts in a way that works for you, we can look at your Mars and Mercury.  There are an infinite amount of ways to define your life.  This allows for you to be free to create your life from choice.

Contact Susan Faber today to set up your proactive reading today.  Whether you be new to charts or advanced and are looking for another perspective, we can work together towards your purpose, passion and fulfillment.

Susan Faber,  Certified Astrologer CAAE


Purpose, Passion, Possibilities