Accelerated Evolution Coaching

Coaching Packages include:

Life and Relationship Reboot on Zoom
  • This is an ongoing live series that addresses your dynamics. You can start at any time.
  • Questions will be uncovered in a way that inspires and uplifts.
  • This is your chance to interact anonymously with others who are committed to:
    • deep communication, passion, presence
    • to understand self and others on a whole new level.
The Ultimate Connection: One-on-One
  • Creating Affinity/Reality/Communication?
  • Where/how do you sabotage?
  • What are you denying that keeps you stuck?
  • What problems come up that get in the way of relationship, work and play.
  • The future. The Next Step.
Committed to Self Full On
  • Passion and Fulfillment in Your Life, one-on-one sessions, for those who want to go full on!
  • Clear Problems, Sabotage and Trauma
  • Discover Who You Are.
  • Realize your purpose, passion, possibilities
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Susan Faber   1-403-850-9560